Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finally a SOPHMORE!!:)

I am soo excited Freshman Year is over with! Now, only 3 more years left of high school! Then on to COLLEGE!! I'm soo READY!! I'm so tired of High School! Ya'll just don't know! I don't wanna rush my life, but I'm ready to Graduate!!:)

Schools Out for the SUMMER!!:)

Omg! Thank goodness school is out for summer! Now, maybe I'll have more time to blog! I'm working on saving up money to buy a computer, but thought about it a little and now I'm gonna wait 'til college! Now, I'm saving up my money to buy a storage shed and turning it into my art studio! I can't wait! I'm so so so excited!:) Well.. I thought I'd let ya'll know what I was up too! Talk to ya later! Lots of Love, Rachel Cozette!:)